Bestiary League

Today Grinding Gear Games announced their new League update!
The biggest change is that they introduce taming to the game. Hunt down pets and collect them just like in Pokemon GO!

Path of Exile Beastcrafting is coming too

It lets you pick a combination of captured beasts to make a a recipe. If you manage to sacrifice by combat you get a new or augmented item in the end.

New End Game Bosses

Uber Elder!! Finally, it’s been a while since we got some late game bosses. Maybe worth the grind? Let’s find out

Fated Unique Items

They also announced that 30 or more new fated unique items are coming, hype!

Ascendancy Class Revamp
Revamped Classes, they seem to be changing Chieftain and Berserker mostly, and Righteous Fire will become pretty sick as a Berserker

Bestiary Supporter Packs

Make sure to bookmark the site and buy the currency from us once you need it! Wish you the best of luck in Bestiary League!

Read more about this patch here: