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How can I know that is a safe place to buy Path of Exile currency?

Here at PoECurrency we take your safety very seriously – take a look around on the site and you will see that our site is SSL secured. All orders are processed through Paypal which is the most trusted payment tool online. They will make sure to keep your credentials safe and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

Why would I buy Path of Exile currency?

You maybe want to try out a new build but you’re a bit short on currency. We’re here to help, some players rather buy the currency instead of spending hours grinding for it. Other might wanna try their luck with the RNG-gods and wanna craft their own items. We will help out anyone with the currency they need!

How do I order?


Ordering Currency should be really simple, and we like to keep it this way, this is our small guide:

  • Chose the currency you would like to order at the top of our page
  • Add the currency to your cart
  • Enter your ingame name and e-mail
  • Checkout to Paypal and enter your information
  • Get online on the character you chose, we will add you to a party and trade over the currency

From our customers

PoE Currency

Best online experience

This is probably one of the best PoE Currency websites I’ve come across. Their design is flawless and gives you a feeling of quality and great customer service. I got the full experience from my purchase and couldn’t been more pleased. Thank you @team_poecurrency

PoE Currency

Instant delivery indeed

I wasn’t really expecting my currency to get instantly delivered, since I’ve only bought currency from eBay before, and this is totally different. I legit got it under a minute after I paid, very nice!

PoE Currency

Taken care of

I’m not used to getting treated this nice online, but their support was great and responded quickly to all my questions. Ended up buying a few exalts and it’s as advertised. Don’t hesitate buying from

Buying path of exile currency

Path of Exile currency, also referred to as PoE Currency is an in-game currency for the game Path of Exile. PoE Currency Buy is a term used for when buying PoE currency, and is commonly traded between people in game. You can grind currency for hours and sometimes you might get lucky to get a PoE Exalted orb which will have a good amount of value in the game. If you want to PoE Currency farm you need to spend a lot of time and effort into your character to achieve some time of success. offers cheap and safe currency for you to buy without spending days or weeks to get your character geared up. The most used currency is the PoE Currency Chaos Orb and is used very frequently by players across the game.

If you’re looking for PoE Currency you’ve come to the right place. We offer cheap Path of Exile currency that are gathered and then sold for a price. We are one of the most trusted suppliers and have a very friendly support. They will be happy to help you in case you’re wondering about something. You start of by making your order at the top of the page, and if you need any help, use our livechat at the bottom right of the page.

Bestiary League is the latest Path of Exile League and we have the currency you need for the League. Bestiary introduced some new mechanics to the game like beast taming, revamped classes and new Uber Elder! If you are looking to purchase Bestiary League Path of Exile currency we will have our store stocked with the currency ready waiting for you.

There are several reasons you should choose us over our competitors! We believe the main reason is that you receive your order instantly after the transaction. This makes it extremely easy for you as a customer. If you are unsure about buying PoE Currency from us you can always contact our support. All purchases are made through Paypal on an encrypted and secure connection. This means you won’t have to worry about having your personal details stolen!

We are aware that buying PoE Currency can be a pain. We wanna reduce that pain by trying to be as fast and effective as possible. After an order is processed we are thriving to delivering it to you as fast as possible. So you can feel safe and secure as a customer. Usually when you buy currency on other sites you can wait up to days before you get your paid currency, and that can be very frustrating. Make sure to buy from us to get the fastest delivery you will ever see!

Buying PoE Currency can risk your account to be suspended. We do however take the most precaution that we possibly can, which makes us the safest PoE Currency site on the planet. We use daily VPNs/Proxies with fresh mules and fresh accounts and we always makes it look completely legit when buying Path of Exile currency from us. If you have any questions about our trading procedure feel free to contact us.